ZooBuh is the leader in communication products for kids.  Beginning in 2000, Xnote.com presented an idea to offer Email for kids and families.  After a few years of various ideas, ZooBuh was born.

Over time, ZooBuh has branched out from the Email service to offer other safe products for kids, such as Blogging and Instant Messaging.  ZooBuh prides itself on making the best feature set available to parents.  One of the reasons ZooBuh is so successful is listening to feedback.  Parents offer their ideas as what features should be included.  What better way to accommodate everyone than to implement the customer's ideas.

The use of computers has been expanding exponentially since the 90's.   We see more and more children using the computers at home, school, even on cel phones.  It only seems appropriate to offer a safe alternative for kids to use.

ZooBuh has been the choice of families world wide.

Until 2007, ZooBuh had been a product of Xnote.com LLC.  ZooBuh became a corporation in early 2007.